Check a Log File

Scans the content of a text file evaluating each line for potential alert conditions.

Task Parameters

Log File: The fully specified path of the file to be scanned. May be entered from the keyboard or clipboard or, if connected to a local service instance, click the Log File caption to select from the file system on that machine.

Additions Only: Instructs the task to read only content appended since the file was last checked.

Note that alterations to an already running task will cause the last-scan position to be reset to the beginning of the file. It may be desirable to submit such changes with the Run Now and Suppress Report options to avoid posting alerts for older log entries. The next evaluation will scan from wherever was the end of the file at the time the changes were submitted.

If the task is scanning only additions, and the file is smaller than at the last check, it is assumed that the log has been cleared and scanning should resume from the start of the file.

Alert Conditions

The maximum scan size for a single evaluation is 320KB, if the file (or additions to the file) exceed this size the scan will be skipped and an alert wll be posted (at the highest enabled alert level) indicating that the file (or additions) were over-sized.

If the specified file cannot be found an alert will be posted (at the highest enabled alert level) indicating that the file is missing.

If the file is found but cannot be read, a FAILURE will be posted.

Otherwise content is evaluated, line by line as it is read, for a Literal Fragment, with a Regular Expression or in a Numeric Comparison.

28 August 2016