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Monitoring an Intel RST RAID Array

Using the Check a Console Command task it is possible to scan the output of a vendor supplied command-line utility for potential alert conditions. This guide describes regular checks on the health of an Intel Rapid Storage Technology RAID array using the RSTCLI utility.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided herein is intended as an example only. No representation is made as to its accuracy, completeness or suitability for a particular purpose or platform (see also the Winserver Wingman EULA). Please test your own implementation thoroughly in the specific environment within which it need function and ensure that it operates as required.

Tested On: Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials with Intel C600+/C220+ Chipset SATA RAID Controller

Command Line

Consult accompanying documentation, the vendor's website or any help text available from the utility itself to determine an appropriate command line to execute. In this case we need only append the parameter --information to produce a useful summary which should highlight any problems.

Open a DOS window 'as Administrator' and pipe the output of this command to a text file;

"C:\Program Files\Intel\RAID\RSTCLI64.exe" --information > C:\RAID.txt

Which will create a file that includes something like the following;

Name:              Volume0
Raid Level:        1
Size:              2654 GB
StripeSize:        64 KB
Num Disks:         2
State:             Normal
System:            True
Initialized:       True
Cache Policy:      Off
--DISKS IN VOLUME: Volume0 --
ID:                0-1-0-0
Type:              Disk
Disk Type:         SATA
State:             Normal
Size:              2794 GB
System Disk:       False
Usage:             Array member
Serial Number:     WD-WCC13E181VVJ
Model:             WDC
ID:                0-3-0-0
Type:              Disk
Disk Type:         SATA
State:             Normal
Size:              2794 GB
System Disk:       False
Usage:             Array member
Serial Number:     WD-WCC5DAA68JN6
Model:             WDC

Task Configuration

The output above is problematic in that the text we need scan for, State: Normal, appears multiple times, once for the volume and then again for each drive. A simple text search will not suffice as it might be successfully matched even while one of the three components is reporting an issue.

Instead we'll utilise regular-expression matching to ensure that;

a) The listing contains State: Normal somewhere (confirming the output is valid) and;

b) Nowhere is State: anything other than Normal (using Negative Lookbehind);

Check the RAID controller status summary each hour.

Task Parameters

Task Type: Check a Console Command

Frequency: 1 Hour

Execute: C:\Program Files\Intel\RAID\RSTCLI64.exe

Arguments: --information

CAUTION On: (command) ...does not run or its output; does not match the expression; State:.*Normal$

FAILURE On: (command) ...runs and its output; matches the expression; State:.*(?<!Normal)$

15 August 2016